Sep 29, 2010

So...a cop came over today..........

cuz bus driver mary made a complaint against me..and the cops defended ME...LMAOOOOOO
officer nice lady told me that when i messaged from another name thats borderline harassment..that was til i told her the entire story and said i only mess'd her from the other name to let her know i was going to inform her boss of the harassment. and that i didnt even know her last name til she sent me a message. that convo took like less then 5 mins so me and officer nice lady had a lovely conversation about life and the drivers stupidity..i told her how she ended up in monroe at dunkin doughnuts..we r not in monroe..................LOLLLL she kinda paused a bit LOLLLL after i told her about downloading a key logger so she can keep an eye on her 2 boys she thanks me and left..bye officer nice lady! o she was here for like 15 nice! i like her too!

The Bus Driver..again and again..maybe the last of it? Laura seems to think so......

O how i love my life! i do. really i do! Now in the last post i told ya how the dousche bag driver contacted me on facebook. well i was busy monday and tuesday and didnt have a chance to call down there. so today i go walking which i next to the bus company so i head there instead of the walk i usually do. I go in the building (its really a crappy trailor..nothing but the best for our kids dirvers! stupid shelton!!!) and i talk to a woman named marilyn. i do not like her. she acts like shes annoyed all the time. perfect. just what my ticked off attitude needs right? so i tell her a brief story and she just stands there like she doesnt give a fuck. ok. fine. i leave and start walking back to my area. marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry drives by me. i turn around and head in that direction and i wait. i see someone i know and i talk to her and marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry comes by me and i ask her if shes got something she wants to say to me. she say who r u?? i say KIM she goes o the idiot. idiot. WRONG! i inform her im going to let her boss know that she just called me an idiot. she did this in front of another driver too..the one i know and was chattin with her mouth damn near hit the ground. i go back inside.

I ask john (someone else i know down there) wheres boss lady we need to have a word..some woman in there said stand out there a snotty tone. not appreciated at all. so i stand and wait as she goes and talks to marilyn, the one with the tude. ok. ill wait. other snotty lady with PINK eye liner..seriously..shes not 12 and shes wearing PINK eyeliner put on badly..ok...crayons would look better but..thats besides the point. so she comes out and tells me it would be best if i left the propertty..i told her i would have left a while ago but she told me to wait here. she kept repeating to go..i said fine. i go outside and the buses r coming in so i stand to the side and im talkin to my youngests now bus driver. dave is awesome..he can tell im pissed and is tryin to calm me. marilyn comes out and tells me to leave. i said i am but id prefer not gettin hit by a bus. she tells me that mary told her that i put a comment up (which i did) and she replied to it..i informed her thats impossible since shes not on my friends list and has no way to contact u. she tells me mary blocked me i said no shit she talks crap to me then blocks me. i didnt initiate contact. shes acting all annoyed and tellin me to go i said fine ill call liz and talk to her since u dont seem to give a shit that ur drivers r rude to parents. i leave. go back to my car and fly home cuz im fucking pissed as shit.

im home. yaa!! for ac!! its hot out and im all sweaty n nasty. feels damn good in here i must say! ok back to the story.

im still fucking pissed as shit so i go online (like i would do anything else! LOL) and i look up the bus companys phone number for the head boss. her name is laura dempsey. i call and get a dif lady on the phone and shes sweet and i tell her the story and she hooks me up with laura. ya know its hard gettin her on the phone, so for me to be transferred that fast makes it seem like they mean buisness. good! so i tell laura what happened and luckily for me she understands how facebook works. see marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry told marilyn she replied to a comment. thats not possible. shes not on my friends list so how can she leave a comment? answer is she cant! so laura is all apologetic and isnt happy that a driver who isnt even my driver anymore contacted me to be rude. She doesnt go for that and she told me shes going to talk to the manager down there (marilyn! HAHA) and have her call in the driver in so they can make damn sure she doesnt contact me again in any way shape or form. i hope shes stupid enough to do it cuz if she is ill go after her legally." hello officer..this woman is harassing me online. can you have a word with her and let her know what shes doing is illegal and i will press charges if she doesnt stop? thanks! " i havent made that call yet but dont think for a second i wont......................................... :)

Sep 27, 2010

The Bus Driver..again

Earlier this school yr i had an issue with the bus driver for my youngest. She ended up getting a new driver due to a few of the routes being so fubar its not guy is awesome! almost but not quite as good as the driver she had for the past 3 yrs. but he will do.
So yesterday one of my facebook friends puts up a post about the bus routes being fucked up still so i click the link and see that a kid took a pic of the over crowded bus and that pic made it on this article. guess who the driver is? o ya. the lady that was driving my daughter. article went on and on about how the bus is always late coming home. so since im me and i have to be me i registered for this news site and commented about that being my kids old driver and shes always late and that its probably her and not the route.
Guess who read this? danis old driver! yep marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry read what i said and found me on facebook (we have a mutual friend) and decided to message me to tell me to "get a life" i lmfao and replied..cuz i have to.i pasted it at the bottom if you'd like to read it. she then blocks me. what she doesnt know is i have more then one fb account. i use one for gaming purposes, so i logged onto "doug", my alter ego and messaged her to let her know that since she decided to harass me online that im going to have to report her to her boss :)
i was going to do it today but i had stuff to do so ill have to do it tomorrow :)
heres the link to the bus article, and u can see her beady lil eyes in the rearview! see how packed that bus is? and shes dumb as a box of rocks. one commenter said she got lost driving down rt 11 and ended up in monroe at dunkin doughnuts. rt 111 isnt even in our town so wth was she doing on it?

Between You and Mary Czajkowski-Rosario
September 26 at 9:40pm Report
get a life
Kim Nelson-Glance September 26 at 9:54pm
learn your job.
September 26 at 9:54pm Report
learn some manners
Kim Nelson-Glance September 26 at 10:05pm
learn how to drive.
September 27 at 5:46am Report
I've wasted enough time on you, back to 'get a life'

she then blocked me LOL

Sep 13, 2010

The Boy

The Boy is 16 yrs old. He's a relatively good kid but has anger issues to a point. Like if he doesnt get his way he throws 2yr old tantrums. He hasnt thrown himself on the floor in about 4 yrs so thats an improvement but, even now, when he doesnt get his way the mouth starts flapping and things get thrown. Just like he did at 2 years old. Other then height, weight, and vocabulary i really dont see a difference from then and now.

Over the summer The Boy started acting like can i put this gently...he acted like an asshole. Thats as nice as i can get about it. See Boy couldnt understand why i asked him to log off at 2am one night over the summer. I told him his constant talking into his xbox was keeping me awake and since he couldnt shut his mouth he needed to log off. o, plus its TWO AM!! He got pissed because "its summer!! why cant i stay up all night!?!!". Seriously thats what he said to me, he even looked me in the eye as he said it. I of course flipped out because i was tired and i sure didnt need some teenage attitude aimed my way. I told him if he bitched again hes off to the summer home to be servant boy to his uncle. He bitched. At 12 noon the next day The Boys new life began. He moved in with his uncle for a few weeks, my thoughts would be they (being uncle and gramma) would have a word with boy and teach him a lesson. They even assured me they would show him how it goes. Plus i needed a break from his mouth.

A week later my oldest daughter has money to spend and wants to go to game stop to spend it (of course!) Now with The Boy being highly addicted to video games he spends a great deal of time in this store. They know him and his gramma by face alone. They also know me. So as we are getting my Big Girls games together the cashier we always seem to get says to me "Your son is The Boy right?" i say yes why? already suspicous. He tells me how him and gramma were just in the store buying a video game! color me surprised! didnt i just ship that brat to his uncle/grammas house for punishment? Wasnt i reassured by gramma that she would take care of it? Didnt uncle tell me he would make him "suffer" (ie, greats deals of yard work)?? the answer would be yes. so why would The Boy and gramma be in game stop? so i ask. Gramma bought him a new game, o, sorry, pre ordered a new game. hmm. interesting. I inform the cashier "steve" that the Boy is on punishment and isnt suppose to be getting new games. "Steve" says "keep me out of it! i dont need gramma mad!" I tell him i dont reveal my sources. and we leave with steam coming out of my ears.

I go home and call gramma up and ask her what shes been up to. Asked if shed been to game stop lately. She seemed a lil shocked i brought that up. but admitted to going to replace a headset that was broken. Fine. i asked if she did anything else to which i got a No as a response. I of course call her out on her lie and ask wtf was that all about! the Boy isnt suppose to be rewarded for bad behavior! Her reasoning? She did it so he would be good. He cant get it unless he is good. WTF kind of sense does that make? how bout it doesnt get bought unless he behaves and o, buys it himself after he gets off his lazy ass and gets a JOB???? I mean he is 16 yrs old. Of course im wrong. What would i know?? im only his mother!

So tomorrow this game he shouldnt have gotten to begin with comes. A week and a half ago he started in with me about staying home from school. um...NOPE! school started 2 weeks ago to the day and he thinks im gonna let him stay home already?? for a video game?? that i didnt want him to get!! is he insane? Is he kidding me? I asked him that and he got mad and started throwing his tantrum in his room. I asked him why he had to stay home since gramma cant get that stupid game and drop it off until at least 12 noon and he gets home at 220pm! its a 2 hour wait! whats the big deal??? More pleading. me trying hard not to laugh in his face. more pleading. Me trying to calm his tantrum down (getting tired of doing that) and telling him no matter what hes not staying home for a stupid game. He started throwing things again until i told him if i heard another sound i would nuke his game before he got home from school. Hes quiet now because he knows ill do it. those cd's do make pretty colors in the microwave.   :)

Sep 9, 2010

Revenge..a Dish Best Served Cold

In Dec of 08 My husband started his own company on the side. It started off slow and then he got this big job. thrilled he was! so was I since 90% of the payment would be profit..sweeeeeeet!  This job consisted of 2 phases. phase one was complete in 2 weeks and he received payment as soon as he handed in the invoice. perfect. he begins phase 2 and when that is complete Ed Ruocco from R&R mechanical services in milford ct. 06464, the guy who hired my husband told him he'll get his final payment when he gets paid from the job. fine. no problem, this is common in construction, plus its a state job meaning they pay on time as long as the job is done.

Now fast forward a yr and ask..did u get ur money? the answer would be NO. this does not make me happy, nor does it make the hub happy. now he has made phone calls only to get the bull shit run around. typical. i see whats coming. my father owned his own business for many many yrs and i worked for him for 20 of those yrs (13 - 33). ive seen how people tryed to screw him out of his money. ive seen him fight for it and paid attention to how he did it. after all. i was being groomed to take over this business so i HAD to pay attention to the details. so like i said. i see it coming. i tell hub all the storys hes being fed are bull shit and to start stomping heads now. He was new at business so he gave the guy more time. fine. learn for yourself.

2 months later and many a phone call we finally get some money due to us. not all of it. Ed Ruocco from R&R mechanical services in milford ct. 06464 tells us he hasnt been paid by the state yet on this job. the job was at Foran High School in Milford Ct. in case anyone was interested. But somehow Ed Ruocco from R&R mechanical services in milford ct. 06464 managed to take himself a vacation! oh and when we went to his house to knock on his door for our money one day i saw the hummer he bought..looks pretty new..its still shiney. I wonder how he could afford that? interesting. ya know. he might want to put some money into his house/yard. cuz both look like shit. anywho Ed only gave us $1000 out of the $4000 he owed us. to me thats a slap in the face. we wait well over a yr and all he can give us is a thousand dollars??

im pisssed and now i dont care what anyone says its being done MY way. So i tell hub to call every hour on the hour and never stop unless u r sleeping. he does this. 3 weeks later we get another $1000. fine. u still owe us more ED RUOCCO from R&R mechanical services in milford ct. 06464! See in the contract it stated that if payment is late we add a 3% late fee to it every month until the bill is paid. Ed signed it but apparently didnt read that part. 2 weeks after we got the second $1000.00 he called Ed Ruocco from R&R mechanical services in milford ct. 06464 and Ed fed him some more bullshit but hub gave him the benefit of the doubt and gave him a 2 week extension. I'm not a bending type. I'm not patient by any means when it comes to my money. and I have trust issues. Not to mention i hate Ed so i would never in a million years give that "man" the benefit of doubt..but hubs a different kind of person. no problem..ill keep quiet on it. for now.

hub waits and trys to call. Eds voicemail is full and he wont answer his phone even with a private number. for 3 weeks this goes on. i finally tell hub to use a different cell and to call form that. he will answer. and he did! (i so smart!) and Ed then gives him the bullshit story..tells him how he has other people to pay first..hub says i bet they didnt have to wait a year and a half to get their money. He later told me Ed Ruocco from R&R mechanical services in milford ct. 06464 stumbled over his words and didnt quite know what to say. He keeps telling hub he didnt get paid by the state job yet. I think thats bull shit. In my opinion i think Ed figured this is a new company who he could screw over. meaning not pay and get away with it.

What Ed didnt count on was this new business having a wife whose been there and done that and has seen people get screwed. I paid attention dad! I know what to do, but sometimes we hit a wall. So i put a post up on face book asking what to people help!! and help arrived in a instant message form someone i know love and trust. This persons name shall remain name less. I will refer to this person as "the wise one" The wise one is a bill collector and is simliar to me only the wise one has perfected his/her skills in such a way that i am jealous. the wise one told me what will be done, and lets just say, im so glad im not on the wise ones bad side! wow. the fun! and the best part is its all legal. :)
Ed Ruocco from R&R mechanical services in milford ct. 06464. We want our money. and we want it NOW

Sep 7, 2010

The Bus Saga continues...

ok to get people up to speed..ya know..if anyone else "follows" this..LOL im gonna c&p from my facebook page the story then catch u up to speed to the right now goes...


i wonder when/if danis bus will come...technically the youngins school lets out at 3:40..we shall see..the middle school kids got home at 320 today..much better then yesterdays 340...

reply-me- SO..dani comes home at 440 today..not too bad..could be better..o and she got dropped off 3 houses away cuz that dumbass bus driver has NO brain! this would be the second time we got blown by..and did i mention i live on a main road thats very busy with no sidewalks?? o ya so my kid almost became road kill today..ill be dialing that bus company tomorrow when they open. 3 strikes and ur out! that bitch is gonna hate me..o well..she can join the mailing list on who hates kim :)

reply-fran- she needs to hate you, she is a damn idiot. WTF was she thinking, and why did she change her stop

reply-me- i dunno..i was stomping half way down the street when she stopped and let dani out with me NOT NEAR HER!!!!!!! wtf is wrong with her?? this woman dont know who shes messing with..i got one bus driver fired before ill do it again..i have NO problems with that specially after seeing how she likes to fly and slam on the damn breaks!!! NOPE! sorry..not my kid and im pretty sure i can speak for every mommy out there when i say SLOW UR ASS DOWN!

Part 2

well BOE ur mailbox is i need to take a ride to come see you in person this morning?????? cuz i will! (im not happy..driver got a tude with me when im already pissy..stupid move..)

reply-me after many LOL's and get em kim's!! were posted- o i am!! phase one has begun! see i go walking at this area in town..when i went this mornin i was furious..walking usually calms me but i forgot the buses r parked right next to where i walk..guess where i walked to???? hehehhe and i spoke to a friend of mine that works there who knows me well enough to know not to mess with me!!! o ya..i have a phone call to make..hello..officer..can we have a word?? :)

reply-me-  the cops are SO nice! specially the man in the traffic sweet! hes gonna look into the flying bus for me..thanks officer!! MUAH!

reply-me-  that chick messed with the wrong mommy...give me tude...oo nooo..if i deserve it..fine..if not..dont do it....u wont like the

those messages were posted on september 1 and 2 a wedensday and thursday. i didnt get a call back. friday i didnt bother because due to non hurricane earl who never showed up in this state like we all knew..caused the kids to come home early from school! so do to the hell that would be the bus comapnys day i didnt bother calling. Monday they had off for labor day so why call when nobodys home right?? ok so today im sittin here thinking about how much i hate that bus driver and realize i didnt get my call yet..hmmm...DIAL!!

So i call there a little while ago and i talk to the lady i spoke with a few times before and tell her basically its me again! i wont go away! im a pita!!! so she puts me on hold while liz finishes up her call. patient. liz comes on..i tell her bout the tude and everything..liz isnt happy. agrees she should remember the stop since its not that far away from the other one. said she would have a word with her about her professional behavior! why thank you liz!! i appreciate your help!
This bus driver hates my ass..hates it! she wont even stop in front of me and my daughter. she stops on the opposite side of where we r standing. I think ill stand in the middle tomorrow and see what she does :)

Sep 5, 2010

And so it begins...

***Disclaimer: my spelling is crap, at some point i will be sick of fixing typos and i prefer ... to actual spaces...if this bothers you stop reading now and go back! i dont wanna hear it from the grammer police :)

Today I decided to start a blog. I was told to do this long ago but i never did. i now have neighbors from this will be a good outlet LOL. Let me begin with we moved into this house on march 2 2007. the house next to us had a nice lady with her 3 kids living in it. They were great neighbors..quiet..very friendly and always had a nice thing to say. I was sad when she told me they had to move. the owner had sold the house to someone else and my friend had to go. the guy who bought that house seemed nice enough..asked if he could come on my property to trim trees. i said sure, trying to be a good neighbor. that was a mistake. The guy he hired started cutting down my trees! i flipped out of course and kicked him off my property. i like my privacy tyvm! and he took it away. after that things got  better until they decided to put on a new roof during the kids christmas vacation. i was looking forward to sleeping in a little. NOPE..didnt happen..hammers r loud at 7am. eventually the house was finished. it took about a year because he gutted it. that was fun listening to all the banging echoing up the hill to my house. So now the house is finished. much to my surprise people moved in today! great! the other day i saw people looking at it. different people. then these that moved in. and i dont like them at all right now. first off i think this is their very first rent mainly because they came with one small moving truck and it took less then an hour to empty. truck leaves and never comes back. i look in the window cuz they have no curtains up and im nosey and see no kitchen table or anything like that. which bring me back to my  first place to live which consisted of a blow up mattress an old couch and a vcr hooked up to a yellow and black monitor. thats it! nothing else! it sucked lol and thats what they remind me of. so ok..they move in..after a lil while someone turns their car stereo on and they play it loud. ever get caught near one of those cars that blast their music so loud in the lane next to u your entire car vibrates? thats how my house felt. my hubby is trying to watch cars drive in ovals and all he can hear is thump thump thump of the stereo! this goes on from roughly 3pm until 8pm non stop. then the music goes off and the yelling begins. see this house has a fire pit right up against a hill and they were using it. fine except that we havent had decent rain in a while and the fire was smoking out the neighborhood. the weird guy who i once saw vacuum the street (seriously..not makin that was a dust buster) came out pacing his driveway with his hand on his hip. the smoke was going in everyones houses. i bet hes out there scrubbing down the sides of his house by next weekend. At 1030pm hubby took the garbage out and they started their music again. he yelled. it kept up til the song was over and now we have quiet again. if i hear one sound out of them ill lose my tired..i was woken up early and ran into every idiot that has a drivers license today. i wanna go to sleep!