Sep 13, 2010

The Boy

The Boy is 16 yrs old. He's a relatively good kid but has anger issues to a point. Like if he doesnt get his way he throws 2yr old tantrums. He hasnt thrown himself on the floor in about 4 yrs so thats an improvement but, even now, when he doesnt get his way the mouth starts flapping and things get thrown. Just like he did at 2 years old. Other then height, weight, and vocabulary i really dont see a difference from then and now.

Over the summer The Boy started acting like can i put this gently...he acted like an asshole. Thats as nice as i can get about it. See Boy couldnt understand why i asked him to log off at 2am one night over the summer. I told him his constant talking into his xbox was keeping me awake and since he couldnt shut his mouth he needed to log off. o, plus its TWO AM!! He got pissed because "its summer!! why cant i stay up all night!?!!". Seriously thats what he said to me, he even looked me in the eye as he said it. I of course flipped out because i was tired and i sure didnt need some teenage attitude aimed my way. I told him if he bitched again hes off to the summer home to be servant boy to his uncle. He bitched. At 12 noon the next day The Boys new life began. He moved in with his uncle for a few weeks, my thoughts would be they (being uncle and gramma) would have a word with boy and teach him a lesson. They even assured me they would show him how it goes. Plus i needed a break from his mouth.

A week later my oldest daughter has money to spend and wants to go to game stop to spend it (of course!) Now with The Boy being highly addicted to video games he spends a great deal of time in this store. They know him and his gramma by face alone. They also know me. So as we are getting my Big Girls games together the cashier we always seem to get says to me "Your son is The Boy right?" i say yes why? already suspicous. He tells me how him and gramma were just in the store buying a video game! color me surprised! didnt i just ship that brat to his uncle/grammas house for punishment? Wasnt i reassured by gramma that she would take care of it? Didnt uncle tell me he would make him "suffer" (ie, greats deals of yard work)?? the answer would be yes. so why would The Boy and gramma be in game stop? so i ask. Gramma bought him a new game, o, sorry, pre ordered a new game. hmm. interesting. I inform the cashier "steve" that the Boy is on punishment and isnt suppose to be getting new games. "Steve" says "keep me out of it! i dont need gramma mad!" I tell him i dont reveal my sources. and we leave with steam coming out of my ears.

I go home and call gramma up and ask her what shes been up to. Asked if shed been to game stop lately. She seemed a lil shocked i brought that up. but admitted to going to replace a headset that was broken. Fine. i asked if she did anything else to which i got a No as a response. I of course call her out on her lie and ask wtf was that all about! the Boy isnt suppose to be rewarded for bad behavior! Her reasoning? She did it so he would be good. He cant get it unless he is good. WTF kind of sense does that make? how bout it doesnt get bought unless he behaves and o, buys it himself after he gets off his lazy ass and gets a JOB???? I mean he is 16 yrs old. Of course im wrong. What would i know?? im only his mother!

So tomorrow this game he shouldnt have gotten to begin with comes. A week and a half ago he started in with me about staying home from school. um...NOPE! school started 2 weeks ago to the day and he thinks im gonna let him stay home already?? for a video game?? that i didnt want him to get!! is he insane? Is he kidding me? I asked him that and he got mad and started throwing his tantrum in his room. I asked him why he had to stay home since gramma cant get that stupid game and drop it off until at least 12 noon and he gets home at 220pm! its a 2 hour wait! whats the big deal??? More pleading. me trying hard not to laugh in his face. more pleading. Me trying to calm his tantrum down (getting tired of doing that) and telling him no matter what hes not staying home for a stupid game. He started throwing things again until i told him if i heard another sound i would nuke his game before he got home from school. Hes quiet now because he knows ill do it. those cd's do make pretty colors in the microwave.   :)

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  1. Sounds like great leverage! Use it wisely ;)