Sep 9, 2010

Revenge..a Dish Best Served Cold

In Dec of 08 My husband started his own company on the side. It started off slow and then he got this big job. thrilled he was! so was I since 90% of the payment would be profit..sweeeeeeet!  This job consisted of 2 phases. phase one was complete in 2 weeks and he received payment as soon as he handed in the invoice. perfect. he begins phase 2 and when that is complete Ed Ruocco from R&R mechanical services in milford ct. 06464, the guy who hired my husband told him he'll get his final payment when he gets paid from the job. fine. no problem, this is common in construction, plus its a state job meaning they pay on time as long as the job is done.

Now fast forward a yr and ask..did u get ur money? the answer would be NO. this does not make me happy, nor does it make the hub happy. now he has made phone calls only to get the bull shit run around. typical. i see whats coming. my father owned his own business for many many yrs and i worked for him for 20 of those yrs (13 - 33). ive seen how people tryed to screw him out of his money. ive seen him fight for it and paid attention to how he did it. after all. i was being groomed to take over this business so i HAD to pay attention to the details. so like i said. i see it coming. i tell hub all the storys hes being fed are bull shit and to start stomping heads now. He was new at business so he gave the guy more time. fine. learn for yourself.

2 months later and many a phone call we finally get some money due to us. not all of it. Ed Ruocco from R&R mechanical services in milford ct. 06464 tells us he hasnt been paid by the state yet on this job. the job was at Foran High School in Milford Ct. in case anyone was interested. But somehow Ed Ruocco from R&R mechanical services in milford ct. 06464 managed to take himself a vacation! oh and when we went to his house to knock on his door for our money one day i saw the hummer he bought..looks pretty new..its still shiney. I wonder how he could afford that? interesting. ya know. he might want to put some money into his house/yard. cuz both look like shit. anywho Ed only gave us $1000 out of the $4000 he owed us. to me thats a slap in the face. we wait well over a yr and all he can give us is a thousand dollars??

im pisssed and now i dont care what anyone says its being done MY way. So i tell hub to call every hour on the hour and never stop unless u r sleeping. he does this. 3 weeks later we get another $1000. fine. u still owe us more ED RUOCCO from R&R mechanical services in milford ct. 06464! See in the contract it stated that if payment is late we add a 3% late fee to it every month until the bill is paid. Ed signed it but apparently didnt read that part. 2 weeks after we got the second $1000.00 he called Ed Ruocco from R&R mechanical services in milford ct. 06464 and Ed fed him some more bullshit but hub gave him the benefit of the doubt and gave him a 2 week extension. I'm not a bending type. I'm not patient by any means when it comes to my money. and I have trust issues. Not to mention i hate Ed so i would never in a million years give that "man" the benefit of doubt..but hubs a different kind of person. no problem..ill keep quiet on it. for now.

hub waits and trys to call. Eds voicemail is full and he wont answer his phone even with a private number. for 3 weeks this goes on. i finally tell hub to use a different cell and to call form that. he will answer. and he did! (i so smart!) and Ed then gives him the bullshit story..tells him how he has other people to pay first..hub says i bet they didnt have to wait a year and a half to get their money. He later told me Ed Ruocco from R&R mechanical services in milford ct. 06464 stumbled over his words and didnt quite know what to say. He keeps telling hub he didnt get paid by the state job yet. I think thats bull shit. In my opinion i think Ed figured this is a new company who he could screw over. meaning not pay and get away with it.

What Ed didnt count on was this new business having a wife whose been there and done that and has seen people get screwed. I paid attention dad! I know what to do, but sometimes we hit a wall. So i put a post up on face book asking what to people help!! and help arrived in a instant message form someone i know love and trust. This persons name shall remain name less. I will refer to this person as "the wise one" The wise one is a bill collector and is simliar to me only the wise one has perfected his/her skills in such a way that i am jealous. the wise one told me what will be done, and lets just say, im so glad im not on the wise ones bad side! wow. the fun! and the best part is its all legal. :)
Ed Ruocco from R&R mechanical services in milford ct. 06464. We want our money. and we want it NOW

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