Sep 27, 2010

The Bus Driver..again

Earlier this school yr i had an issue with the bus driver for my youngest. She ended up getting a new driver due to a few of the routes being so fubar its not guy is awesome! almost but not quite as good as the driver she had for the past 3 yrs. but he will do.
So yesterday one of my facebook friends puts up a post about the bus routes being fucked up still so i click the link and see that a kid took a pic of the over crowded bus and that pic made it on this article. guess who the driver is? o ya. the lady that was driving my daughter. article went on and on about how the bus is always late coming home. so since im me and i have to be me i registered for this news site and commented about that being my kids old driver and shes always late and that its probably her and not the route.
Guess who read this? danis old driver! yep marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry read what i said and found me on facebook (we have a mutual friend) and decided to message me to tell me to "get a life" i lmfao and replied..cuz i have to.i pasted it at the bottom if you'd like to read it. she then blocks me. what she doesnt know is i have more then one fb account. i use one for gaming purposes, so i logged onto "doug", my alter ego and messaged her to let her know that since she decided to harass me online that im going to have to report her to her boss :)
i was going to do it today but i had stuff to do so ill have to do it tomorrow :)
heres the link to the bus article, and u can see her beady lil eyes in the rearview! see how packed that bus is? and shes dumb as a box of rocks. one commenter said she got lost driving down rt 11 and ended up in monroe at dunkin doughnuts. rt 111 isnt even in our town so wth was she doing on it?

Between You and Mary Czajkowski-Rosario
September 26 at 9:40pm Report
get a life
Kim Nelson-Glance September 26 at 9:54pm
learn your job.
September 26 at 9:54pm Report
learn some manners
Kim Nelson-Glance September 26 at 10:05pm
learn how to drive.
September 27 at 5:46am Report
I've wasted enough time on you, back to 'get a life'

she then blocked me LOL

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