Sep 29, 2010

So...a cop came over today..........

cuz bus driver mary made a complaint against me..and the cops defended ME...LMAOOOOOO
officer nice lady told me that when i messaged from another name thats borderline harassment..that was til i told her the entire story and said i only mess'd her from the other name to let her know i was going to inform her boss of the harassment. and that i didnt even know her last name til she sent me a message. that convo took like less then 5 mins so me and officer nice lady had a lovely conversation about life and the drivers stupidity..i told her how she ended up in monroe at dunkin doughnuts..we r not in monroe..................LOLLLL she kinda paused a bit LOLLLL after i told her about downloading a key logger so she can keep an eye on her 2 boys she thanks me and left..bye officer nice lady! o she was here for like 15 nice! i like her too!


  1. Sounds like Maarrrrrrrrryy called police to cover her azz. Don't think it worked lol

  2. nope it didnt..seems to me it backfired on her LOLLL