Sep 29, 2010

The Bus Driver..again and again..maybe the last of it? Laura seems to think so......

O how i love my life! i do. really i do! Now in the last post i told ya how the dousche bag driver contacted me on facebook. well i was busy monday and tuesday and didnt have a chance to call down there. so today i go walking which i next to the bus company so i head there instead of the walk i usually do. I go in the building (its really a crappy trailor..nothing but the best for our kids dirvers! stupid shelton!!!) and i talk to a woman named marilyn. i do not like her. she acts like shes annoyed all the time. perfect. just what my ticked off attitude needs right? so i tell her a brief story and she just stands there like she doesnt give a fuck. ok. fine. i leave and start walking back to my area. marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry drives by me. i turn around and head in that direction and i wait. i see someone i know and i talk to her and marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry comes by me and i ask her if shes got something she wants to say to me. she say who r u?? i say KIM she goes o the idiot. idiot. WRONG! i inform her im going to let her boss know that she just called me an idiot. she did this in front of another driver too..the one i know and was chattin with her mouth damn near hit the ground. i go back inside.

I ask john (someone else i know down there) wheres boss lady we need to have a word..some woman in there said stand out there a snotty tone. not appreciated at all. so i stand and wait as she goes and talks to marilyn, the one with the tude. ok. ill wait. other snotty lady with PINK eye liner..seriously..shes not 12 and shes wearing PINK eyeliner put on badly..ok...crayons would look better but..thats besides the point. so she comes out and tells me it would be best if i left the propertty..i told her i would have left a while ago but she told me to wait here. she kept repeating to go..i said fine. i go outside and the buses r coming in so i stand to the side and im talkin to my youngests now bus driver. dave is awesome..he can tell im pissed and is tryin to calm me. marilyn comes out and tells me to leave. i said i am but id prefer not gettin hit by a bus. she tells me that mary told her that i put a comment up (which i did) and she replied to it..i informed her thats impossible since shes not on my friends list and has no way to contact u. she tells me mary blocked me i said no shit she talks crap to me then blocks me. i didnt initiate contact. shes acting all annoyed and tellin me to go i said fine ill call liz and talk to her since u dont seem to give a shit that ur drivers r rude to parents. i leave. go back to my car and fly home cuz im fucking pissed as shit.

im home. yaa!! for ac!! its hot out and im all sweaty n nasty. feels damn good in here i must say! ok back to the story.

im still fucking pissed as shit so i go online (like i would do anything else! LOL) and i look up the bus companys phone number for the head boss. her name is laura dempsey. i call and get a dif lady on the phone and shes sweet and i tell her the story and she hooks me up with laura. ya know its hard gettin her on the phone, so for me to be transferred that fast makes it seem like they mean buisness. good! so i tell laura what happened and luckily for me she understands how facebook works. see marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry told marilyn she replied to a comment. thats not possible. shes not on my friends list so how can she leave a comment? answer is she cant! so laura is all apologetic and isnt happy that a driver who isnt even my driver anymore contacted me to be rude. She doesnt go for that and she told me shes going to talk to the manager down there (marilyn! HAHA) and have her call in the driver in so they can make damn sure she doesnt contact me again in any way shape or form. i hope shes stupid enough to do it cuz if she is ill go after her legally." hello officer..this woman is harassing me online. can you have a word with her and let her know what shes doing is illegal and i will press charges if she doesnt stop? thanks! " i havent made that call yet but dont think for a second i wont......................................... :)

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