Sep 7, 2010

The Bus Saga continues...

ok to get people up to speed..ya know..if anyone else "follows" this..LOL im gonna c&p from my facebook page the story then catch u up to speed to the right now goes...


i wonder when/if danis bus will come...technically the youngins school lets out at 3:40..we shall see..the middle school kids got home at 320 today..much better then yesterdays 340...

reply-me- SO..dani comes home at 440 today..not too bad..could be better..o and she got dropped off 3 houses away cuz that dumbass bus driver has NO brain! this would be the second time we got blown by..and did i mention i live on a main road thats very busy with no sidewalks?? o ya so my kid almost became road kill today..ill be dialing that bus company tomorrow when they open. 3 strikes and ur out! that bitch is gonna hate me..o well..she can join the mailing list on who hates kim :)

reply-fran- she needs to hate you, she is a damn idiot. WTF was she thinking, and why did she change her stop

reply-me- i dunno..i was stomping half way down the street when she stopped and let dani out with me NOT NEAR HER!!!!!!! wtf is wrong with her?? this woman dont know who shes messing with..i got one bus driver fired before ill do it again..i have NO problems with that specially after seeing how she likes to fly and slam on the damn breaks!!! NOPE! sorry..not my kid and im pretty sure i can speak for every mommy out there when i say SLOW UR ASS DOWN!

Part 2

well BOE ur mailbox is i need to take a ride to come see you in person this morning?????? cuz i will! (im not happy..driver got a tude with me when im already pissy..stupid move..)

reply-me after many LOL's and get em kim's!! were posted- o i am!! phase one has begun! see i go walking at this area in town..when i went this mornin i was furious..walking usually calms me but i forgot the buses r parked right next to where i walk..guess where i walked to???? hehehhe and i spoke to a friend of mine that works there who knows me well enough to know not to mess with me!!! o ya..i have a phone call to make..hello..officer..can we have a word?? :)

reply-me-  the cops are SO nice! specially the man in the traffic sweet! hes gonna look into the flying bus for me..thanks officer!! MUAH!

reply-me-  that chick messed with the wrong mommy...give me tude...oo nooo..if i deserve it..fine..if not..dont do it....u wont like the

those messages were posted on september 1 and 2 a wedensday and thursday. i didnt get a call back. friday i didnt bother because due to non hurricane earl who never showed up in this state like we all knew..caused the kids to come home early from school! so do to the hell that would be the bus comapnys day i didnt bother calling. Monday they had off for labor day so why call when nobodys home right?? ok so today im sittin here thinking about how much i hate that bus driver and realize i didnt get my call yet..hmmm...DIAL!!

So i call there a little while ago and i talk to the lady i spoke with a few times before and tell her basically its me again! i wont go away! im a pita!!! so she puts me on hold while liz finishes up her call. patient. liz comes on..i tell her bout the tude and everything..liz isnt happy. agrees she should remember the stop since its not that far away from the other one. said she would have a word with her about her professional behavior! why thank you liz!! i appreciate your help!
This bus driver hates my ass..hates it! she wont even stop in front of me and my daughter. she stops on the opposite side of where we r standing. I think ill stand in the middle tomorrow and see what she does :)

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